Workshop Organizers

Professor of Child Computer Interaction at UCLan, UK. She was a past chair of the ACM Child Computer Interaction Community and has chaired the ACM IDC Conference twice. She regularly runs a course at CHI on CCI and has heard many students’ questions about how to work with children.

Senior Lecturer in HCI at the University of Bristol. He is currently interested in exploring how insights and principles from multisensory interaction, cross-modal perception and embodied cognition could be used to co-design more inclusive interactions between children with and without disabilities.

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, and member of the Child Computer Interaction Group, at UCLan, UK. He was co-chair of the ACM IDC conference in 2016. His research is predominantly in the area of participatory and user-centred design.

Lecturer in HCI and CCI at Lancaster University, UK. Her research focuses on designing and evaluating children's experience in interacting with mobile, distributed technologies and social agents for and with children. She is on the editorial board of IJCCI and chaired the ACM IDC Conference in 2020.

Associate Professor in the Information School at the University of Washington. He is the director of KidsTeam UW, an intergenerational co-design group of children and adults. His research focuses on how families collaborate together with technologies.