Where we Succeed and Fail: Reflecting on the Challenge of doing Research with Children

Welcome to the workshop website. Here you will be able to access information about all of the pre-workshop activites that we have planned as well as information about the workshop itself.

We will shortly be sending out a survey (LINK COMING SOON!) to gather information from members of the IDC community about your experiences encountered when working with children. This will be sent to researchers at all stages of their career and be used in the planning of the workshop itself.

Following on from this we will be running a webinar to discuss the findings of the survey and shape the implementation and planning of the workshop further. If you are interested in taking part in the survey and/or webinar please contact us!

If you would like to take part in the workshop then please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Call for Participation

Research involving children can be both complex and challenging to organize and conduct. There are many points during both the planning stage and the study itself where things can go wrong. The consequences of things going wrong can be disruptive to both a piece of research and to the relationship between the research team and participants (children, parents, teachers etc.). It is uncommon for mistakes and failures in research to be given the exposure they deserve. By highlighting these, we can help the community to learn from mistakes that have already been made and understand mechanisms for doing better. This workshop aims to bring together experienced and novice researchers to explore the occurrences of research failure within IDC.

As part of this workshop participants will work together to explore their own experiences of research and how difficulties or mistakes were overcome. Following on from this we will look at mechanisms for how failure can be avoided, and how this information can be disseminated and ultimately owned by the IDC community. It is our intention that such a resource can be created from this workshop that will be an asset to novice researchers starting out in their work with children.

Workshop Participation

Participation in this workshop does not require the submission of a paper. Instead we would like to gather information about your motivations for joining the workshop and research experience. If you would like to participate please fill in the form (COMING SOON!!!).