The papers presented below have been accepted for participation in the workshop:

The Challenge of Working with Teens as Participants in Interaction Design [PDF]
Daniel Fitton, Janet C Read, Matthew Horton
University of Central Lancashire, UK

The Digital Burial Mound: A CHAT Approach to the Design of Teen's Technology [PDF]
Ole Sejer Iversen, Christian Dindler, Rachel Charlotte Smith
Aarhus University, DK

Bodymapping: A Way To Engage Young People With Long-Term Conditions [PDF]
Helena Sustar, Andy Dearden
Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Co-design revisited: exploring problematic co-design dynamics in kids [PDF]
Maarten Van Mechelen°, Bieke Zaman°, Vero vanden Abeele°, Ann Laenen¹
°University of Leuven, BE; ¹LUCA - School of Arts, BE

Adapting Co-Constructing Stories to the Mindset of Teenagers [PDF]
Hanna Zoon, Derya Ozcelik Buskermolen
Eindhoven University of Technology, NL

Teenager needs in technology enhanced learning [PDF]
Anne Adams° and Yvonne Rogers¹, Tim Coughlan², Janet Van-der-Linden°, Gill Clough°, Estefania Martin³, Pablo Hayaª, Trevor Collins°
°The Open University, UK; ¹UCL, UK; ²University of Nottingham, UK; ³Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, ES; ªUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid, ES

Methods for Technology Enhanced Learning Design with Teenagers [PDF]
Katerina Avramides, Rosemary Luckin
Institute of Education, UK

Designing Privacy with Teenage Patients: Methodological Challenges [PDF]
Maja van der Velden, Alma L. Culén
University of Oslo, NO

Heuristic Evaluation and Teenagers as Experts [PDF]
Anastasia Pasiali
University of Central Lancashire, UK

Designing Technology for Adolescents: An Ethnographic Video Collage Approach [PDF]
Tamara Peyton, Erika Poole
Pennsylvania State University, US

Engaging Teens: Using an Engagement Event as a Research Tool for Teenagers [PDF]
Beth T Bell°, Nicola Toth°, Matthew Horton¹, Linda Little°
°Northumbria University, UK; ¹University of Central Lancashire, UK

Art, Technology and Interaction in the context of teenagers' digital age [PDF]
Andra Balta
University of Central Lancashire, UK

Where Is the 'Like Button? Going Beyond Usability when Designing for and with Teens [PDF]
Anja Zeising, Eva-Sophie Katterfeldt
University of Bremen, DE

Exploring the Use of Interviews when Designing for Empowerment [PDF]
Kevin Marshall
Newcastle University, UK

Aping around: Participatory Design with Teenagers and Care Professionals [PDF]
Peggy Gregory
University of Central Lancashire, UK

Teenagers' Attitudes and Design Values around Identity Management [PDF]
Lisa Thomas, Pam Briggs
Northumbria University, UK

Using Design Thinking to Empower Ethnic Minority Immigrant Youth in their Roles as Information and Technology Mediaries [PDF]
Phil Fawcett°, Karen E Fisher¹, Ann P Bishop², Lassana Magassa¹
°Microsoft Research, US; ¹University of Washington, US; ²University of Illinois, US

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