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CHI 2014 Workshop

UX is a widely explored topic within HCI and has a large practitioners' community. However, the users considered in research and practice, are most often adults - since adults represent the largest technology market share. However teenagers represent a growing market of unique users, and more needs to be understood about this population, from a UX perspective. The theme of this workshop is Building a Bridge to the Future and the aim is to gather together academics and UX practitioners, interested in teen users specifically, in order to discuss experiences, understandings, insights and methods that we can use to comprehend teen UX now and explore how this may lead to the creation of better interactive products in the future.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the workshop. We hope you all agree it was a great success!

Special Edition Journal

A special edition of the International Journal of Child Computer Interaction will follow on from this workshop.


Dan Fitton, Ole Iversen, Beth Bell

Linda Little, Janet Read, Matt Horton

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