Child Computer Interaction Group

Janet C Read

Job: Professor

Phone Number: 01772893285

About me

My work with children as users of interactive technology has helped to define a new research field and I have authored over 150 articles in the area of child computer interaction. I am chair of the International IFIP TC13 WG on Interaction Design and Children and have co-authored a key Elsevier text on Evaluating Children’s Technologies.  My primary contributions to knowledge in CCI are insights on evaluation with children (notable the Fun Toolkit), the iterative development of new understandings on methods for in school ethical participatory design for children and my work on digital ink and handwriting recognition for children as a support to the in class writing experience.  Other contributions include methods around the study of text input with children and definitions for cool as applied to teen design.

Current Research Interests / Projects

I am interested in projects around the cultural application of CCI methods, the digitization of writing and the use of tablets and paper technologies in writing classrooms, the development of the understanding of cool as a design insight for children, ethical participation of children in CCI research studies and the appropriate use of digital engagement analytics for play and learning.  The on-going development of evaluation methods for UX is also an interest including the testing and refinement of the fun toolkit as well as the expansion f this tool for use with younger children and young adults.