Child Computer Interaction Group

Andra Balta

Job: PhD student


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B.A. & M.A. Degree: Interior Architecture, Ion Mincu University, Bucharest, Romania, 2006 – 2011

M.A. Degree: Art and Design, Birmingham City University, 2012

PhD research: Colour, Interior Design and Teenagers: in a Digital World, University of Central Lancashire, 2013 – present

My research combines several fields, such as colour, interior design, psychology (teenagers’ emotions and moods) and interaction design. With my passion for colour, an interior design background and an interest in interactive design and psychology I will bring innovative interactive installation for teenagers in their personal spaces.

As a child I noticed several colours had an effect on my mood. But only as an interior design student I realized the importance of colour upon peoples’ mood and feelings. Therefore, I started to be interested in furniture and interior design for children, because of the freedom to use colour. After I designed a vocational kindergarten as my Interior Architecture MA final work, I noticed the importance of educating children through design and I started a MA in Art and Design. Here I had the opportunity to build an interactive wall as final work: the logiCreative Wall, an interactive wall designed for teaching children to be creative, logical, and to learn by playing. I started my PhD in order to continue my research about logiCreative wall, but my passion for colour took over my initial plans. However, with some help from IT students I created a digital version of the interactive wall, entitled Draw Me a Poem.