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Public Lecture – Dr. Jofish Kaye – Sharing Feelings, Photos & Passwords

UCLan Distinguished Visitor Programme Public Lecture Series: Dr. Jofish Kaye

Sharing Feelings, Photos & Passwords

Joseph ‘Jofish’ Kaye, Senior Research Scientist, Flickr and Yahoo! Labs

Monday, 1st June 2015, 7:00pm, TVI Lecture Theatre, Adelphi Building (AB in the Orange Zone), UCLan

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Every day we make decisions about which technologies to use: what phone to buy, how to share files with collaborators, how to check your bank balance. These choices are not just about the best technology for you to use as an individual, but also about the decisions made by your colleagues, family, friends and others around you. In this talk, I’ll discuss research with over 180 participants exploring how people share passwords, how they manage their bank accounts and finances, and how they store, share and safeguard their photos, documents and data. I’ll talk about the complex moral and emotional decisions people navigate as they make these decisions, and discuss implications for the design of financial tools, next-generation password access, and tools to help us manage our data.

Jofish Kaye is a Senior Research Scientist at Flickr and Yahoo Labs. His research explores the social, cultural, and technological effects of technology on people, and how people’s decisions and behaviors can change and improve those technologies. His previous work has ranged from studies of long distant relationships and computerized smell output to visualizations of Twitter and academic publications. He is co-Chair of the CHI 2016 conference, occasionally teaches at Stanford University, and has a Ph.D in Information Science from Cornell, a Masters degree in Media Arts & Sciences and a B.S. in Cognitive Science, both from MIT.

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